Science of Coffee’s Alessandro Craparo Making Global Headlines



Alessandro’s roaster, Miss Blu – by Genio Roasters, located at his Palm Lakes roastery. Fresh espresso – from roaster to grinder cup, on location.

Alessandro Craparo from Science of Coffee is making global headlines for his recently published PhD Thesis. It is the first study globally, that has time series evidence of the impact of climate change on coffee. The results of Craparo’s research are causing waves through the coffee industry, as he has without doubt, illustrated that coffee arabica yields in Tanzania are in decline due to climate change: a result with global implications. BBC Africa has been in touch with Allessandro who has also received a personal call from the Vice President of Tanzania to discuss the results further.

Allessandro is fast becoming famous locally as well, for his specialty coffee roast and hand picked beans under the banner of Science of Coffee (based out of Palm Lakes Family Estate – just north of Salt Rock). He is breaking the industry mould by sourcing personally chosen beans through personal relationships he has developed with coffee farmers on the ground in various locations throughout sub-Saharan Africa, including Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Check out the next instalment of Life & Style magazine for a more detailed story about Alessandro, his research, and his revolutionary approach to sourcing coffee from the ground up. Listen to Radio Life & Style 88.0fm when Alessandro joins us on air to talk more about the impact of his thesis  and what it means for farmers and the coffee industry.

If you are interested in sourcing Alessandro’s blend for your restaurant, shop, or cafe you can contact him directly on: 082 838 1747, or via email:



Alessandro Craparo pouring one of his famous cappuccinos at Science of Coffee, Palm Lakes Estate


Science of Coffee is fast become one of the most talked about specialty roasters in the coffee industry.


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