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Harley 1

Harley-Davidson Road King Classic

The latest Road King Classic highlights the approach that has served Harley-Davidson so well in recent decades. It has a brand new engine and an updated chassis. Yet with its unchanged screen, running lights, copious chrome, white-wall tyres and saddle-bags, the Classic …
Sarah Danes Jarret - W Series Acrylic & oil on canvas 170x 170cm

Art in Our Homes

Humans are evolving beings. As we live, experiences flow and build up to make us what and who we are at any given time. The harmonious arrangement of objects in a home or office bring together the details that becomes an extension …

Ten Points

See everything in your life as a gift. Give your spouse all you can. Associate with winners. Learn to do things for yourself. Don’t make your appearance more important than your disposition. Make kindness your true religion. Believe inner peace is possible. …