Take a Hike


“Seaweed” Steve Honeysett

Instead of walking around a mall why not take a walk and explore your town and its surrounds. Busy roads, busy shops I can’t think of a better way to get out and relax by just walking.

Ballito has all sorts of walks available to you –  beach walks, paved road walks, bush and eco walks  – not too strenuous, and some providing historic value and panoramic views that are second to none. An old coal mine, ship wrecks, the famous Shaka Rocks, the history of the sugar industry, lagoons and estuaries are all on our doorstep.

Break out all that hiking gear or that old army kit that has stood in its kit bag stored in your garage for over twenty years. Oh, remember the days we made our meals out of the stainless steel fire bucket on an Esbit fold out stove with fuel tablets!

How often have we purchased outdoor kit for a particular outing and after that, shoved it on a shelf to stand unused for years?

We have an amazing climate that we can use all year round, so why not start walking.

There are various walks around our town and all you have to do is make a start. Small steps lead into big steps, hour hikes to day hikes and, before you know it, you are tackling the multi day hikes   .

Remember – Safety First. Prepare before you go, plan your route, let someone know where you intend to walk and make sure that you have charged your phone. Don’t stray off the beaten path.

If you are keen to get started after a long layoff of no exercise, then try Sugar Rush Trails and build up from there.

Development to some extent is robbing us of some nice walks with fences going up and, in some instances, shutting off our routes out of the built up areas and into the cane fields. Pretty soon, we will have to drive out of town to get into those open places.

Make an adventure out of your hike whether it’s a coffee shop stop, or using your own camp stove to brew up a cup or two, it’s fun and it’s fulfilling.

Ballito has several outdoor shops for all your equipment needs. No excuse – let nature have its way!

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