The Digital Age and Property Sales and Rentals.

Ida du Plooy

Harcourts Dolphin Coast.


The Digital age is often referred to as the Information age or Computer age and has impacted all human activity of today. Since the Industrial Revolution (1770 -1850) nothing has changed the world we live in more than today’s digital boom. Many of us can still remember the first transistor radios (1947), micro-chip’s (1969-1971), home computers (1970’s), ATM’s (1980’s) and the first mobile phones (Motorola 1983). But, even as I write this, the development and use of digital technology is moving faster and faster reaching more people across the globe than ever thought possible.

Not without problems, the socio-economic impact of the digital age has also brought about new means of selling and renting property.  Crossing borders from local into the global market with on-demand information at the swipe of a cell phone screen, buying or selling a house on your own, is now possible without the use of an agent. The age of Digital DYI marketing is in your hand in the form of a cell phone.

However Digital DYI selling has negative effects to look out for. These include information overload, internet predators, media saturation and false news spreading like wild fire. Privacy and information reliability of data remains one of the problems facing Digital DYI sellers today.

Taking the trends we’re already moving toward into consideration, digital and technological evolution is a major focus point of the property market. We’ve seen the portals incorporate virtual reality, video functionality and drone capabilities to ensure more detailed data for clients, and at Harcourts we’re equally dedicated to the advancement of more accurate visual representation of homes” says Richard Grey, CEO Harcourts South Africa.

So, selling your home yourself should be easy? Take a few photos; upload it onto a Property portal and “presto” buyers come knocking on your door.

Not quite. As with any other service, having a professional and experienced agent will ultimately ensure a smooth sale of your most valuable asset, saving you time and money.


  1. Education and Experience. All qualified and registered Estate Agents in possession of a valid Fidelity Certificates from the Estate Agency Affairs Board should have minimum qualifications in selling and renting of property. You may have bought or sold one or two properties in your lifetime but your experienced agent will have done so many times.
  2. Agents are Buffers: Like ‘spam’ on your computer, agents act as the go-between yourself and complete strangers. They have the knowledge to qualify buyers saving you opening your door to ‘nosey neighbours’ or un-wanted strangers acting like buyers.
  3. Price Guidance: Agents do not set prices, the market does. But, with statistics, experience and local knowledge, agents will guide you closer to the real market value than a quick DYI valuation.
  4. Local Knowledge: Agents have an intimate knowledge of you neighbourhood. A  property down the road is on the market at say R2 500 000, but the agent will know that it underwent extensive upgrades,  has been on the market for 6 months and that two previous sales have fallen through due to bond valuation. Agents always have their fingers on the pulse of every property listing and sale that happened in a neighbourhood.
  5. Professional Networking: All agents have a network of clients in their database to contact whereas you will have to rely on the internet for potential clients. Agents also network with other professionals who can provide services with the buying and selling process.
  6. Market Condition Information: Agents are acutely aware of market conditions and can create a marketing plan to sell your property suited to current market conditions. Making use of many marketing tools, other than just listing on property portals, experienced agents will use the current market conditions to greater exposure.
  7. Handling Volumes of Paperwork: It may have been safe to write an agreement on the back of a cigarette box in the old days, but today’s client  requires  protection against all kinds of fraud or legalities resulting in  documentation that runs into 10 pages or more.
  8. Objective presentation. Many Digital DYI sellers are so use to the condition of their home that they are oblivious to how the market perceives their property. Agents know what the trends are and can advise on how to present your house to the biggest clientele out there.
  9. Negotiations: Having an agent as the go-between helps to avoid potential conflict. Agents are skilled negotiators who can help you not to lose transactions that may result in lost opportunities.
  10. Bond Application: Not every keen buyer qualifies obtaining a bond. Agents can pre-qualify your potential buyers saving you time wasted on clients who will not be able to purchase your home.

“When services are dedicated to impeccable client experiences, the bar gets raised and the dynamic in the (agent- client) relationship is strengthened.” Richard Gray.

At Harcourts Dolphin Coast and Rentalsdotcom , we are focussed on giving the best service to all our clients in this rapid evolution of digital marketing. As with any other service, having an experienced and professional agent at your disposal to handle the sale and rental of your property will ultimately save you time and money.

Property is our business,           

                                People our passion!”

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