The Lost and Lonely Grand Piano



Dave Charles

The name Steinway in the music world is like Rolls Royce in the motor trade. And just as you would be surprised to find vintage Roller in regular sort of used car lot, you would be equally taken aback should you wander in to Shaka Music in Umhlali where this veritable old Grande Dame is currently waiting to be rescued. Surrounded by bit and pieces of musical detritus and paraphernalia catering largely to the lower end of the market, the Steinway Grand looks completely out of place. It’s not a Concert Grand but it is bigger than a Baby Grand and it really is quite majestic.

Apart from the ivory keys that have been restored, the piano looks to be in original condition although I am no authority and looks can be deceiving.

I do believe that it would make an exquisite centrepiece for a music room or lounge in one of those gorgeous homes in the leafy estates around here and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone snaps it up as a piece of décor. The price is modest enough – less than some of the artworks I’ve seen on exhibition in the region, and it is probably quite negotiable. John Marshall, proprietor of Shaka Music, is always open to a little haggling in the nicest way.

I don’t think it will hang around the store in Umhlali for very long so, if you are interested, give him a call on 082 079 8109. Who knows, you might be singing Christmas carols around the piano in a week or two!

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