The Renovation Dream Team

img_9627Ballito is one of the most desirable addresses in South Africa at present and there is no shortage of people looking to relocate here for the lifestyle it offers. Recently we have seen a growing trend among those with limited budget, and a bit of a flair for home making, towards buying the proverbial “fixer upper” with a view to improving the value and desirability of the property by renovating on a budget. But even for those with experience in this sort of thing, things can go wrong, and when they do, the budget is blown and disaster follows.

The North Coast, like many regions in the country, has its fair share of rogue builders, tradesmen and suppliers and many dreams of a lovely home by the sea become nightmares of epic proportion. So we decided to put together what we consider to be a selection of some of the best in the region – the Renovation Dream Team – a collective of local professionals, trades and suppliers who we know or who have come highly recommended – to show you what is possible on a limited budget. The renovation project was the challenge of thriftily doing up an elderly Ballito residence – our L&S HQ.
Chapman Building under the direction of Jason Chapman took a look at what we had in mind and assembled the team. The renovation grew somewhat as the potential of what could be done emerged, and some four months later, we have a result. We think that what has been achieved is awesome and the old Ballito property has been transformed as you can see from the images that have been published in Life & Style throughout the process.

The logos and details of the various members of the Renovation Dream Team are included in this feature and you can engage them directly for anything similar that you might have in mind. You can also contact me by e mail on should you wish to find out more about our experience and for recommendations – we have learned a lot during the process.

The property was professionally appraised before work commenced and it will shortly be re appraised to see whether we have potentially made or lost money by going this route – either way, the old HQ is now a much more exciting space and because we were able to remedy some inherent structural problems in the process, it should be around for many more years to come.

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