Tidal Tao – A Path to the Ocean


At Tidal Tao, we are passionate about the ocean and our neighbourhood of Salt Rock, near Ballito, on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. This offers some of the best snorkelling experiences in South Africa, year round warm water, incredible fish and marine life, all in shallow, safe, protected areas.

The Dolphin Coast between Ballito and Sheffield Beach, offers a surprising underwater wonderland. The coastline here is a wilderness that rivals any big game reserve or national park in its size and diversity of animal species. We see whales on ancient migration routes pass our way each winter, dolphins playing in the surf, we have recorded over 15 new Nudibranch and Flatworm species and some of the southernmost shallow water corals in the world. It’s a special place and worth protecting. From above the surface we estimate that you see about 5% of what is actually in the water – stick your head under the water with a mask and snorkel and an entirely new world is suddenly opened up to you.


And that is our mission – to get people into the water and exposed to the amazing variety of life there in the hope that you will be as amazed and appreciative of this natural beauty as we are.

We really hope you join us on a snorkelling trip so you can see first-hand what we get so excited about

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