Tis the Season to be Jolly Busy in the Garden!

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It’s that time of the year when we can’t decide whether it is mid-summer or mid-winter but believe me, true summer is not far away with the promise of balmy evenings; night time swims in the pool and eating al fresco. Are you ready for `the Season’?   Whilst we are trying to do all things to stay cool, it is necessary to keep the roots of our plants in a healthy condition with no drying out in the intense heat that will come.  This is achieved in two ways.  One is by mulching with either landscaping bark or a really good layer of compost and the other is to ensure that your garden is so well planted that the plants create sufficient shade by virtue of the density of planting.  The sign of a good garden is when you can’t see the soil.  It is not difficult to work towards this.  When you decide on ground covers or fillers (both being perennial plants that do not need replacing on an annual basis), you must determine on the sun aspect and the types of plants that already exist in your borders or beds.  For example, it would not be recommended that you plant succulents amongst Roses or water loving, fern type plants around succulents.  They simply would not make good bed fellows.

The list of plants suitable for this purpose and I can only recommend a visit to your Nursery where you will get excellent advice and some time to `play’ with the plants, grouping like minded plants together and get an idea of the effect you will achieve by using the right plant for your situation.  This will save you money in the long term and certainly add to increasing the value of your property.  You have simply no idea of the value of a well planned, well maintained garden.

Be wise when purchasing plants to decorate tables etc for the Festive Season.  A good idea is to choose plants that will continue to benefit you throughout the year and can be popped into the garden or in patio containers when the Season is over.  Orchids are always value for money if bought in bud.  For lesser expensive plants, you might want to choose either Kalanchoes  or Calandivas – which are pretty succulents with lovely heads of tiny flowers and will flourish in your garden, long after the Festive Season is passed.

So run along now!  Get cracking and get gardening and enjoy one of the oldest, most fulfilling hobbies, known to man.


Variegated phalaenopsis orchid flowers

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