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  1. What is your style of design as a company?  How would you describe your work?

Our interiors obviously differ depending on the style and requirements of the client but we are inspired by European Contemporary design and Scandinavian style – this can be seen in the furniture we design and sell. We also like to use some classic and feature pieces that create interest.

  1. What inspires you to create and design your works?

We look at current trends as well as modern classic design – trends come and go but the classics are not called classic for nothing, they are timeless. Mies van der Rohes expression ‘Less is More’ is also a motto we live by – simplicity is restful and timeless too. We also factor in functionality and price.

  1. What are your favorite aspects of the field you are in?

The ability to create and give solutions to our clients – we all have creativity in us but to be in an environment where it can be outworked in an arena that you are  gifted in is really special. We have a great team as well which is so important in the workplace.

  1. You have a shop to accompany your build and design work- what inspires the shop side?  Can you explain how this ties in with your company and what people are most likely to find there?

The shop was born out of the design company – we had designed so many items for clients that other people wanted too and our office at the time was always stacked with samples so we decided to turn it into a showroom. We have since grown our range. We are well known for chairs but we also have a range of locally made dining tables, coffee tables, bedside pedestals desks etc. as well as good quality sofas and armchairs. Our ranges of scatter cushions, electronics, hooks, shelves and other smalls is growing too. Watch this space – we intend to push out a lot of new furniture in the next year.

  1. What design trends do you foresee for 2017 in architecture, design and interior?

Natural elements are still going to play a big role in the trends next year – natural timbers (oak, birch and walnut) and raw concrete, the metals – brass, copper and iron, marble and similar stone, mottled glass. Then the colours of the forest – deep greens and teal, earthy tones and creams. Rust and terracotta are big too. Simplicity and refinement of design – again Less is More. Big gorgeous works of art are a must. Indoor plants.

  1. Top work design tip for the Life & Style readers looking to freshen up their work space?  Do you have specific design recommendations and the best way to furnish a work space?

Storage and more storage. There is nothing worse than an untidy office space. If you have a simple desk get a credenza or pedestal or bookshelf. Baskets and containers work wonders. Offices are usually small and visually busy places so don’t go for too much dark timber or too many variations of timbers and colour – it can overcrowd a small space. Use open shelves for photographs, ornaments, plants and books rather than ugly files and piles of paper.

  1. Do you have any tips for our readers on the best ways of decorating the work and home space for Christmas?

Lots of lighting! Lighting is so pretty, festive and calming. There is nothing better than sitting by your tree at night with the lights on and enjoying it.albiziahouse_188_easy-resize-com


Our new online store is www.u3shop.co.za



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