Vesparadoes in Umdloti

Lovers of the iconic Italian styled Vespa see the world differently to other scooterists. Of course, the scooter is in a league of its own when it comes to two wheeled motorized transport. While motorcyclists, or bikers as they generally prefer to be called, thunder or howl through the world astride their high powered metal steeds, the scooterist glides along with a perpetual grin because the world looks different from this altogether more upright perspective. But when it comes to pedigree, nothing comes close to the Vespa. It’s a matter of style, and whether yours is an ancient classic or a gleaming contemporary model, they evoke equal amounts of love and affection from Vesparadoes across the planet.

And when they come together as some did in Umdloti on the weekend, they draw admiring glances from just about everyone – hey, life’s cool on a Vespa…vespa ride umdloti