WESTON Agricultural College – A Complete Education

Weston College (2)

WESTON Agricultural College is a boys’ school with a difference, where the emphasis is on academic achievement, coupled with practical farming experience. In addition, the pupils are exposed to a variety of educational, sporting and cultural experiences, varying from rugby and cricket to horse endurance and debating.
The life of a Weston pupil is challenging and may, during a cold winter, be considered hard. The school day is mentally and physically challenging. However, a pupil who is prepared to accept and meet the demands of these challenges will leave Weston with a sound academic base, strong work ethic and comprehensive practical knowledge.
So, what can you expect from a true Westonian? This college doesn’t just educate boys, it equips them for life with the tools, skills and knowledge to become responsible, hard-working individuals who will add value to this ever-changing world.


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