Who will buy my house?

Ida du Plooy

Harcourts Dolphin Coast.

“It costs nothing to dream, but everything if you don’t”   R Davenport.


When listing your house to sell, all sellers have that ‘magical’ wish price and buyer in mind. Reality quickly sets in when there is no or very little response to your listing.” Who will buy my house?”

Approaching the festive Christmas season, the year end exams and the traditional Matric Rage, functions, office parties  and Christmas shopping ,selling your property  during this time will add additional pressure on your schedule.

We are living in a fast changing world where traditional methods of selling property are no longer taking place. A new breed of buyers has arrived on the scene.  From the young (millennials) to the older and experienced property hunters, the search for properties has dramatically changed. Buyers are no longer uninformed. They know all properties available before even setting foot in your door. Property portals advertise properties on the internet and buyers already distinguish what the average price should be.

The new entrants into the property market,  the millennials ( twenty-something) form the ‘instant gratification’ group and are skilled in letting their fingers walk through your property , so to speak, without you opening your door to let them in.

Property portal alerts with virtual reality, photos, video and virtual tours allow buyers to see inside your property from the comfort of their cell phone or other devices the minute a new listing appears. These well informed buyers can no longer be fooled in believing that your ‘over-priced’ property is a good deal. They know what is available and more competitively priced than what you have on offer.

What are buyers (millennials) looking for?

  1. Relocating buyers are often forced to move at the end of the year, and not being able to view your property during the festive season may cost you a sale. Holidays are good times to sell as buyers also have time off. This means that you will have to keep the property tidy and available for viewings.
  2. Move-in ready properties. Newer homes with no or little renovations required, appeals most to this fast moving group of buyers. It is therefore a good idea when selling your property to see to all the renovations needed, before placing your home on the market. Older properties with that ‘lived-in’ and cluttered appearance will not appeal to the new buyers. As a seller you should take this to heart, de-clutter and fix-up all the cracks etc. before listing your   Staging the house is a great idea.
  3. Open plan layouts are in great demand. Traditional homes with separate dining/kitchen and living areas are no longer in vogue. The cost of opening up the property to have the desired open plan- living lifestyle scares new homeowners away. Keep this in mind when pricing your home.
  4. Eco- and green- living properties are what the environmentally-conscious young buyers are looking for. Properties with a low carbon footprint and with energy efficient technology such as solar- panels and grey water systems are more attractive to these buyers.
  5. One of the biggest requirements for every buyer is security. How safe is your house? What is the crime situation in your area? Although one cannot control the rate of crime, one can have security measures in place that buyers are looking for. The fact that you have never had a ‘break-in’ will not help selling your home without any security.
  6. Technology-equipped homes where it is possible to control your property from your smart phone is likely to appeal more to the millennials. Wi-Fi and fibre optics are desirable must-haves for modern day buyers.

What can sellers do?

Get professional help.

  1. Even though buyers can shop online using various property portals, your local experienced estate agent will remain invaluable when selling your home in a fast changing property market.
  2. Every deal in buying, selling or renting property comes with a unique set of circumstances with human elements that will require a skilled agent to manage and steer through those unforeseen problems arising. With all the online information available, no device or computer can ever take out the human element in selling or purchasing the biggest asset in your lives.
  3. No matter what festivities are happening, marketing your house during the festive season is a good time providing you work with your agent assisting you with scheduled viewing appointments.

We at Harcourts Dolphin Coast deal with the marketing, legal contracts and conveyancing of properties on a daily basis. We take pride in taking care of our sellers and buyers giving them professional and reliable advice and information on how to sell or buy in today’s   property market.  Let us take the ‘pain’ and change it into ‘gain’ when dealing with your next property transaction. Call us for FREE valuations and advice helping you to sell your property.

Are you considering a career in Real estate?

Good news is that Harcourts Dolphin Coast now offers FREE Logbook and NQF4 training to all selected intern agents.

Mail your CV to: dolphincoast@harcourts.co.za.

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