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Clean Eating – Restaurant Review

By August 15, 2019 August 16th, 2019 No Comments

Finally, the North Coast has its own poké bar! But Pangeli is more than that, and owner operator Sean Toubkin has a sound philosophy behind this brand-new foodie destination in Salt Rock.

After 35 odd years as a globetrotting hotelier and chef, Sean’s lifestyle changed a few years ago to adopt a vegan way of life. He’s a walking tribute to fresh, healthy and sustainable eating.

Many will remember Sean as the founder of the original US-style cocktail lounge, East Oasis, where his burgers were legendary. His new concept store, Pangeli Poké Bar, is enticing locals with its fusion of Hawaiian and Japanese cuisines.

“This is not a takeaway,” he adds, “it’s a movement,” and the overriding sense is that Pangeli hopes to connect us to our food, nourish our bodies with ‘medicinal’ dishes, and to have some fun.

 “The untapped flavour combinations of poké (pronounced poh-keh, a traditional, delicate Hawaiian dish meaning, ‘to cut’) satisfies our appetite for culinary creativity,” explains Sean.

There is some casual seating in the beautifully decorated space, with its subtle ocean accents of coral-shaped lighting and teal walls, broken by molten copper countertops. There is almost an oceanic ebb and flow to the cosy destination, as customers drift in and out.

Pangeli source an abundance of local South African, Hawaiian, Japanese and Oriental produce and turn them into amazing poké creations, while all the pickling and curing processes happen on site. Think a plethora of exotic mushrooms, fennel and zesty orange, delicious umami seaweed combinations, with plenty of familiar flavours to add to your meal, from pickled red onion, salmon sashimi, or lemon wasabi mayo prawns all adorning a bed of sticky sushi rice, with fresh greens, quinoa or noodles as other options.

The menu includes innovative tacos (using crispy tempura battered sheets of nori seaweed) and ‘donuts’, a delight for the senses with a soya sauce pipette (just in case you had any doubts about the fun part). You can also design your own poké.

Find Pangeli Poké Bar at 61 Basil Hulett Drive, Salt Rock Shopping Centre, || Facebook and Instagram @PangeliPokeBar || 074 833 3641.