Get your gloves on…

*Life & Style Review*

Boxing is a well-known cure for winter spread, not to mention the benefits on your stress levels and cardiovascular system. Ringside Boxing in Umhlali is taking it to the next level, with boxing classes to suit all levels, ages and genders. Life & Style’s Delia Laas set her alarm clock for their early morning classes.

“I recently decided I need to “fight the flab” and increase my fitness levels, so after some deliberation, I decided to join Ringside Boxing gym. Ringside integrates old-school boxing with new exercise techniques which equates to a fresh, fun and exciting training experience.

They have various offerings such as group classes, private sessions and weight training. I started with the early morning group classes, which kicks off at 05h15 every weekday morning. I arrived not knowing what to expect and feeling a bit intimidated, seeing that I’ve never done boxing before and I am certainly not as fit as I would like to be.

I was greeted by Winston, one of Ringside’s seasoned staff members, who welcomed me and assured me that I had nothing to worry about. He assisted me in wrapping my hands and selecting the right boxing gloves. I could not help humming Eye of The Tiger to myself and images of Rocky shadow boxing flashed through my mind. My reverie ended abruptly when I was hustled to a Boxing bag which indicated it was time to get my box on.

The training session started with bag training, doing one-minute combinations of “double jab, right hook and left uppercut”, followed by another minute of “running and punching”.

I even had my moment of glory in the ring, doing a pad sparring session with Winston. After 30 minutes of punching the bag in various combinations and getting my frustrations out, we relocated to the functional training area. The next 30 minutes consisted of fitness drills which were variations of cardio and weights and to wrap up the session a quick sprint around the parking lot. I was exhausted after all that rigorous training and needed a caffeine fix fast, which was lovingly prepared by their in-house Hey’s Café. They also do smoothies if coffee is not your thing.

If you are looking for a good workout that will really put you through your paces and challenge your body, I would definitely recommend contacting Ringside Boxing Gym.

Call 082 673 2144 or follow them on Instagram @ballito_ringside_gym and visit