Harley Davidson Goes Electric

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Harley-Davidson introduced its first ever electric motorcycle at the CES tech tradeshow 2019 in Las Vegas last week.

The ‘twist-and-go’ bike ditches the traditional shifters and chirps out a turbine-like whir in lieu of the characteristic rumble – but with its ease of use, swift acceleration, and agile handling, the firm is hoping to win over new riders and long-time Harley owners alike.

Called LiveWire, Harley’s first EV can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3.5 seconds and hit a top speed of around 180km/h with a range of 200 km of mixed urban and highway driving. LiveWire is already selling in America and will launch in Canada and most of Europe later this year. Anthony Mans from Harley Umhlanga is confident that it will be available locally by 2020.
Even at a quick glance, Harley’s latest motorcycle is a standout from its previous models.

‘Because it’s all-electric, it’s twist-and-go,’ Paul James, PR Manager at Harley-Davidson, explained at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.
‘There’s no transmission, there are no shifters, no clutch – it’s very easy to ride.’

LiveWire is equipped with a full suite of electronic lateral aids, incorporating a slew of sensors and programmable touch controls.
It also has cellular connectivity, making it the first mass market motorcycle in North America with the capability.

This means it can alert the owner if the bike is being tampered with or moved. It also has built-in GPS for location tracking.

While it’s easy to see how the sleek EV bike might attract new riders, the motorcycle will be a drastic change for those who have grown accustomed to the traditional Harley-Davidson style.

But, the firm says it’s so far been well received.

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